Jetox persisted the managerial philosophy of Supreme Quality, Satisfactory Customers, Pursuing Innovation and Continuous Operation, in dedicating to seek the highest qualified products for satisfying the necessity of customers' requirement.

More than that, Jetox owned resolute R&D teams, not only dedicated to the solution of process improvement, but also to the research and development with all strength as Jetox deeply acknowledged that the foundation of prolonged running business basing on the non-stop reinforcement and truly management; and introduced, without considering of the high cost, the most well known Tai-Shin consultant company to execute the ANPS of lay-out improvement to lower the stock of products, semi-products and raw material in the warehouse as well as to lower the operating cost of company, but enhanced the competitiveness of company ever since Jun, 2004. On the consequence, withheld the stable growth in the depressive atmosphere of the world economy. 。

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