Golf Club
One golf club contents Grip, Shaft, Socket, and Golf Head. Jetox imported Japanese golf clubs assembling technics And process quality control since production line is set up.Here are some of our strengths on producing high quality
Clubs :
•  Shafts :Started from Shaft Rolling, Belt Grinding, Length Cutting, Painting, Silkscreening, and Clear Coating are All process on hand-free automatic machines.
•  Clubs :With high quality of Shaft s , we can produce lighter and lower torque golf clubs to achieve consistent and best suited in their golf games.
Graphite + Titanium adhesive Metal Woods

We owned the patent for Graphite crown adhesive Titanium body, thisCombination creates:
•Because Graphite Crown is lighter, when it adhesive on the Titanium body moves golf head's center of gravity lower to the sole, this golf head
Promotes both higher trajectory and lateral movement.
•For the “ X “ bars that we designed on the Titanium body to adhesive The Graphite Crown, it creates low but solid sound with this golf head impacted the ball.
•After many play tests, our club resulting in consistent and steady their tee off shots.

Forged Iron Head
We comply with customer's requirement to ordered follow materials:
1. #SUS630 Stainless Steel for Casting Iron Heads.
2. #S25C Stainless Steel for Iron Head thru FORGE process.
Among those two materials, we specialized on forged Iron Head production. For many years, our quality has been highly rated by our customers over many countries in the world.
The chemical compositions for #S25C Stainless Steel provides fully “ Grain Flow “ characteristic, for which creates soft and low vibration when forged Iron head.
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